Saturday, February 25, 2012

Budapest Private Villa by Suto Interior Architects

 This is collection of pictures of a three-storey villa redevelopment near Budapest, Hungary from Budapest-based firm Suto Interior Architects. Completed in 2010, this 4,305 square foot (400 square meters) villa has a modern style with features referring to the near-natural environment. The client wished for dynamic, youthful spaces and a braver use of materials that on the outside. The architects designed a home with strong contrasts and astounding material combinations. The client’s absolute trust was in the designers, as well as their opened attitude for more extreme solutions which aided with the creative process.

 Here is a description of the project from the architects: “Our primary consideration in the design works: placing functions into 400 square meters, which could, in the most comfortable way, service the life of a family with 2 children. The end result of this is a well habitable home in which everything, like personal styles of the residents, forms, moods and characters meld into one whole piece.

 The central element of the house is the naturally lighted and closely connected company of the kitchen, the dining room and the living room. The kitchen island is a custom made concrete block. The concrete sink, which sits on a walnut base, goes on and continues as a big floating table. The coldness of this material is softened by Ligne Roset Papillon chairs and Foscarini Caboche chandeliers.

 The coherent walnut surfaces of the kitchen cabinet lead to the dynamics of the space into the living room. The central area got its characters thanks to the mature and uniquely designed and combined concrete and walnut surfaces. The most powerful piece is the concrete, metal and glass fireplace, which functions as a space organizer on one hand and on the other it is a design piece and also it literally makes the space feel warm.

 To the cold surfaces some playful element is added with the brave use of cow skin motives: in a form of a carpet in the living room (Ligne Roset. Marguerite) or on the background of the mirror in the primer bathroom with the patchwork like leather skin wallpaper (Elitis).

 The whole of this house, which is formed through the co-operation of the designers and the client, is characterized by the use of quality materials and furniture. Not only the interior design, but also the furnishing is well thought over and well organized. It seems if everything was put into its destination. Well recognized, excellent pieces of noble design companies like Foscarini, Ligne Roset, Vitra, Magis, Tom Dixxon, Bisazza, Flos, Moooi, Eva Solo make this great house a long lasting and valuable home.”

Source : Suto Interior Architects