Monday, January 23, 2012

Gamma issa house

This house is a box.
Ok, a parallelogram box, but a box nonetheless!
The home is from Sao Paulo, Brazil and is designed by Marcio Kogan on a 1700 square meter area that encloses 700 square meters of living space on its two floors. Italian windows help maintain transparency, giving a magnificent view of the pool and the garden while doubling up as walls as well.
Having been covered in natural wood, the house alternates between tones of white helping in naturally illuminating the house with ample sunlight. Construction details, on the interior and the exterior have been done with perfection, giving the house a delightful and pleasant finish.
Various Merit awards by differently awarding agencies like IV Bienal IBERO Americana, ASBEA – Group of Projects and World Architecture Award have been granted to the design of the house as well.