Thursday, February 23, 2012

Reshaped Residence Originated In An Abandoned Stable

Spain’s western province of Caceres is home to a perfectly adapted sculptural residence that originated in an abandoned stable. Estate in Extremadura by studio Abaton, with offices in Madrid, is a remarkable home that slopes down the hill to the south, capturing views of the valley below. This house is one of the milestones of Abaton’s permanent pursuit of innovation – it shows that creativity, great use of material and natural resources can revive an abandoned piece of land. Solid stone walls pierced by large wooden doors, vertical windows and glass walls shape a simple and modern structure.

 Metal pillars were used to reinforce the building and allow the architects to reshape the natural light sources and rearrange the interior spaces. The former haylofts became the bedrooms and the open floor plan was designed to include the living / dining areas and two bedrooms downstairs and the rest of the private spaces upstairs. Two streams on the property provide electricity via small turbines and the water is diverted to a fountain found in the interior courtyard and further down to the storage pool in the back. With many beautifully simple details, the Estate in Extremadura is a reshaped oasis of natural elements.