Saturday, July 7, 2012

Peregian House by Middap Ditchfield Architects

 This is contemporary Queensland Beach House, Australia, which is entirely designed by Middap Ditchfield Architects. This house has a function as a holiday home, situated on a hill overlooking Peregian Beach and foreshore. It is designed to take full advantage of dramatic ocean views. The house steps down the site that communicates the interior and exterior space to the earth plane.

 Courtyard spaces have been introduced to reduce building bulk, capture north light and promote thru building viewing opportunities to the pool, ocean and other areas of the house. Where possible the building has been designed to be single room in width to maximise cross/thru natural light and ventilation. A central circulation spine is flanked by an off form concrete wall which continues for the length of the house.
 This is the key feature of the house, it provides thermal mass for natural climate control, defines the circulation spine and the off form board finish presents a weathered driftwood character. External materials were chosen based on reliable performance and low operating costs and robust characteristics. Solar hot water systems installed, the roof water collected on the surface of the reservoir for reuse.