Sunday, March 11, 2012

The apartment Jennifer Aniston chose

 It was inevitable. Sally Hershberger knew it more than a decade ago, when she first came to New York City from Hollywood, shears in hand, to wash-and-set the world on fire. One day she’d end up where she wanted to be. And yes, we all know that Hershberger made it to the top of the beauty peak and is now recognized around the globe for an eponymous line of hair-care products and for cuts that flatter not just a face but a whole persona (and that cost upward of $800). But this is a different story—even if it parallels that one. This is about what might be called her real-estate rise.

It started in the late 1990s, when Hershberger, whose original base is in Los Angeles, where she maintains a salon and a residence, was trying to find a place in the West Village. She discovered a nice-enough apartment that would do for a little while. But it wasn’t long before she looked up and saw terraced penthouses at the top of one of the Village’s stately prewar apartment houses and made up her mind.

Source: Elle Decor