Saturday, January 28, 2012

Modern house with modern design

Casa dos Ipês in Sao Paulo, Brazil, was a project embarked upon a decade ago by Marcio Kogan, a design of exposed concrete that many builders deemed practically impossible. The heavy material has been given amazing grace in this construction, with the magnitude appearing to float above the glass volume of the lower floor.
In the upper mass, bedrooms surround a central TV room, and receive light via a wooden panel on the façade that is broken into shutters. Both thermally and aesthetically pleasing, when closed these shutters maintain the solid box like appearance of the upper floor, contributing to the elegance of the lower quarters.

 Downstairs the living room accesses the veranda and garden via doors that retract almost the entire length of the building, and a huge set of pivoting wooden panels open up the side, making the living area an outdoor space.

 A colossal bespoke sofa divides the room, with one side facing in toward TV and fireplace, and the other firmly facing the patio and pool.
 The rich wood continues into the interior, which is simple and contemporary, containing banks of shelving and entertainment units. The backdrop is sophisticated, whilst tiny gems of color and quirkiness are scattered throughout in the form of accent chairs, lights and occasional tables.