Monday, January 23, 2012


HELLO and welcome to another teeny tiny picture perfect Melbourne Home!  HOW cute is it?!  If you’re a clued-in Melbourne craft lover, I am SURE you’ll be able to guess which local creative lady lives here….  it’s the very lovely Lara Cameron of course!  Lara is one half of super talented textile design duo Ink & Spindle (the other half of course being the equally gorgeous Tegan Rose).  Between them this pair design and print the most delectable range of screenprinted textiles, many of which you see here, gracing every surface of Lara’s Flemington apartment!  YEP that’s Ink & Spindle you can see on the blinds, lampshade, quilt, bedside lamp, wall stickers, artwork, cushions and footstool…!  I have never seen such effective use of multiple textile layering -  Lara really knows how to work print and pattern!