Monday, July 2, 2012

Living the nature

In the design or renovation of a house, take into account the internal and external management is very important. Often we try to create a continuity of spaces and outdoor, are connected in a fluid and homogeneous. It is an interesting variation on this theme, the house of 190 square meters Argentario in Tuscany, redesigned and enlarged by the Roman architect Andrea Stipa (a Masters in Advanced Architectural Design and numerous international experiences behind), with interior Dutch designer Angelika Kok.In this case the designer's intention was not simply to connect the spaces, but to merge them and make them interchangeable.
Transforming the outer internal and vice versa, through architectural solutions multifunction and the use of recurring elements that eliminate the differences. The patio, already present in the original structure but little exploited, has become the pivot of the house: a living room for all seasons around which the distribution of space. In this open-air living room, a wooden bathtub that looks to the sea, only 30 cm deep for structure, allows you to cool off in the summer months; emptied, becomes a chaise longue for relaxing in the winter.

Source: AT Casa