Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Impressive bright and sunny residence in Cádiz

 Open to the elements and surrounded by the freshness of the garden and water sits this fabulous house located in the resort village of Sotogrande, in Cádiz, Andalusia (southwestern Spain). The project consisted of a full refurbishment of the main house by architect Valentín de Madariaga. A description of the project from the architect is as follows, “A new building was incorporated, featuringa dome, the architect’s personal imprint.
The challenge for the architect was to preserve the Andalusian architecture which is a traditional style in the area, while branding it with a modern and contemporary style. The finished result is an impressive summer residence where the new architectural elements provide a global picture of beauty and enhance the entire house.”
The Mediterranean light has been magnified in the walls and facades of the immaculate white and is in constant dialogue with the natural environment of the lush gardens. The greenery further enhances the volumes of the home and the water of the pool height binds this celebration of light and freshness. A custom outdoor shower cools off the residents after spending a hot day out in thegarden. The upper terrace features excellent views of the surrounding landscape during the day and the sky at night. The interior of the home has been designed by interior design Marta de la Rica. The designer furnishings and bathroom walls have a Moroccan atmosphere. The largewindows flood the interiors with Mediterranean light.