Saturday, July 28, 2012

Danish decoration

 One of the things I like about the Danish decorating magazines is that you never disappoint the content, (claro! are magazines Nordic style: P) I like to advertising, with that I say everything, but the downside is that are somewhat expensive (compared to the price of the magazines here more or less double). They eat a lot and are indispensable material for staying on top of developments in Scandinavian design over all. Among my favorites are Bo Bedre, Rum, and Bolig BoligLiv.
The house that I show you today is taken from the web of the first floor and I would point out in addition to the streams of light and the beautiful contrast with the dark gray walls, the counter of solid oak white wash of almost 7 meters almost anything! sure there is kneaded the best bread in the world! Thursday happy;)