Monday, June 25, 2012

Stockholm Apartment Boasting 182 Square Meters of Raw Inspiration

 This original looking four room apartment in Stockholm, Sweden boasts 182 square meters of raw inspiration! Centered around an open plan living and dining space, with an impressive ceiling height of four meters, the loft combines a rustic charm with state-of-the-art contemporary additions. Inclined walls and exposed wooden beams give this relatively large apartment a cozy, intimate feel. A round coffee table surrounded by comfortable seating units make this place a welcoming socializing area.
The modern, flashy fireplaces are in contrast with the overall design, resonating only with the kitchen counter-tops. The living area is also connected to an outdoor terrace, through generously-sized glass doors. Breaches in the ceiling ensure a high amount of natural light inside. The bedrooms are spacious and airy, with cleverly-integrated storage space. Please drop a line and share your own favorite details regarding this Stockholm loft!

Source: Freshome