Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Casual Apartment Design Caressed By Natural Light

 Basing the residential concept on the need for natural light, interior designer Mireia Pla of Studio Vuong imagined a crib where styles collide in a seemingly effortless way. By combining windows, large sliding doors and three large skylights that flood the kitchen with light, the designer conceptualized an almost open space that holds the courtyard responsible for its charming flow of energy. Featuring a neo-hippie corner and a Balinese-inspired chill out spot, this informal residence features a “buried” relaxation corner with low ceilings, followed in the floor plan by high ceilings and culminating with the lack of ceilings in the colorful courtyard.
Beech floors lay the ground for an unsophisticated, casual furniture layout, captured in-between white walls. The bedroom merges nuances of purple softened by the same pure white that offers the whole space a dreamy composition. Spot your favorite decorative element and share it with us – mine is the fantastic lamp in the bedroom – love the color, texture and shape!

Source: Freshome