Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bright and colorful surfer-chic beach house

 Benevolent climate and incredible views to the sea make this holiday home a privileged refuge in New Jersey. Designed by interior designer Mona Ross Berman, the 1960’s inspired beach house succumbs to the charms of white, with certain doses of color and geometric patterns. A novel decorative tendency which has been called California Surfer Chic, every corner of this summer house is located in front the sea. “I know that’s not a real design genre, but I didn’t want it to be cliche, the same version of an East Coast beach house you see a lot on the Jersey Shore,” says Berman.
The ‘surfer’ part is a relaxed, laid-back feeling. The ‘chic’ is taking all those elements and distilling them in a new way. As a base, the color white, in reference to the sea foam, with a cascade of color, typical of the 1960s poured over it. The exuberance of oranges, yellows and turquoise are the means chosen to achieve dual environments where relaxation, rest and fun reach the same importance according to the time of day, the company or the mood. Via

Source: 1Kindesign