Friday, March 9, 2012

Tierney Watson House by Greg Natale Design

 There is no mistaking Greg Natale’s style. Always different, always surprising and always glamorous, there’s just that certain panache that indelibly identifies his work. His latest residential project in Balmain – the Tierney Watson house – is no exception, thanks to an amazing client who allowed Natale to work his magic without compromise. From architecture to lamp base, the results are quite simply spectacular.

 The house essentially begins with the front door and the first of a series of etched concentric rings to be used throughout. The door motif is low and bold with a strikingly minimalist brass doorknob at centre. There is something decidedly American in the scale of the design and, as the door opens to reveal wall-mounted brass sculptures, the theme is quickly concreted to ‘Palm Springs Regency’. This style, though similar to Hollywood Regency in its pairing of ornate curves and bold lines, has the charming addition of exuberant colour and the structural rigour of 1950s architecture and sculpture. (Think Sinatra, the Viceroy and the Parker for classic Palm Springs panache.) As now exemplified by Natale, it engages a layer of opulence over the ’90s minimalism much as Hollywood Regency allowed a flamboyant layer over ’40s minimalism. It is a style with which Natale is very much at home, and is able to extend and elaborate with considerable finesse.