Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tasteful Home Remodeling by Maurice Padovani: Le Prado Residence

 Le Prado Residence in Marseilles, France. was recently redesigned by French architect Maurice Padovani. Here is an excerpt from the official project description:“This former smallholding flanked by a stable was renovated in three steps. At the very end of the nineties, the young family setting up on the first floor gladly agreed to the two children sharing the same room for a time. The volume is then entirely freed from all its partitions and false-ceilings thus revealing a rich and space-structuring framework. Behind the complexity of the assemblings of beams and joists, the parents’ bedroom slips in; open to the living room and accessible by a metal stairway. The main wall’s top is entirely open and the old staircase, formerly external, is integrated to the house’s volume thanks to the installation of galvanized steel bays which oblique uprights give rhythm to the surface”. A tasteful, decluttered family home, with plenty of interior design elements you will probably find interesting.