Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Old Garage to Splendid Home by Knott Architects


nother garage transformed into a beautiful home. Owned by Darren Issac and located in Camden, UK, the bright and beautiful house was designed by Knott Architects to perfectly use every inch of space so that it looks much larger than it actually is. Downstairs there’s a bedroom and a wetroom nicely separated by glass screens and a large wardrobe that also acts as a divider. A small office room adds to the charm, and not only overlooks the street but proves just as useful as it doubles up as a guest bedroom whenever needed.  


The hallway has slim-line shoe storage by Vitsoe fitted near the front door. A staircase is made from a single ribbon of cold, rolled steel, left to develop a patina of rust before it was sealed; logs for the fire are stored underneath. The calf-skin LCW chair is by Charles and Ray Eames, and Isaacs found the typographical tramlines poster in his native ­Australia.
Owner Darren Isaacs and Knott Architects have made use of every inch of space: cupboards in the eaves, pots and pans suspended from beams, cleverly zoned areas, and appliances shielded from view so they don’t encroach on the space. Suddenly, 85 square feet of space feels a lot bigger.
It’s hard to believe that, not long ago, this light, bright house was a couple of dank, interconnected ­bedsits spread across two floors; before that, it was a garage. But now it’s a glorious living space in the heart of Camden.
The upper floor is an open-plan living, dining and kitchen space. Kitchen cupboards and bookshelves, reached via a bespoke ladder, are built into the pitched roof to maximise space. (Cabinetmakers Jack Trench made the units and ladder.) Isaacs found the factory pendants at Retrouvius. The floors are engineered oak boards, designed not to warp with the underfloor heating, and in front of the windows a sunken trench heating system eliminates condensation and saves wall space. On one wall, white cabinets, lined in walnut, house the TV and crockery.
Source : The Guardian