Thursday, March 1, 2012

An Attic Studio in Stockholm

 In a 495-square-foot attic in the Söder neighborhood of Stockholm, interior designer Jimmy Schonning—a local celebrity for his role in the Swedish TV shows “Finally at Home” and “Styling Emergency”—has carved out a sweet and stylish home. His diminutive studio is chockablock with creative storage solutions (built-in closets; a washer and drier hidden under a workbench in the bathroom) and loads of personality.

 A view of the terrace, with a chair from Ikea’s PS-series.
 The reading corner can be turned into an extra bed. Schonning designed the leather poufs himself, and made the cushions from an Ikea carpet. Under the concrete slab there is room for wood, books and newspapers.
Concrete stairs lead up to the sleeping loft.
In the tiny sleeping loft is platform bed with two drawers beneath it. In place of wallpaper, Schonning enlarged a photograph he snapped in Rio de Janeiro. The inset spotlights and a small shelf at the end of the bed offer light and additional storage.

 Back downstairs, the kitchen occupies a long wall. The stainless steel worktop was so long—more than 16 feet—that it had to be lifted in through the window.
The kitchen wall has a built-in fridge, freezer and dishwasher.
The fiberglass kitchen table is from Habitat. The Tolix galvanized steel chairs were designed by Xavier Pauchard. A rattan lamp from Gervasoni hangs from the ceiling. Pots of elk horn bracken sit on the windowsill.

 In the office, a Granit filing cabinet stashes supplies and papers, and a bulletin board does double-duty as a ‘mood board,’ tracking Schonning’s inspirations. The back of the desk runs all the way to the floor, concealing the inevitable tangle of cords.

 The apartment’s built-in closets are deep and have mirrors on one side. Spotlights set flush overhead provide light and also allow the maximum amount of storage, all the way to the ceiling.
Black tiles and fittings lend the bathroom a dramatic look. The black bathtub is made of recycled plastic.

Source : Jimmy Schonning