Monday, February 27, 2012

Corridor in the house

Having corridors in the house does require a large area. According to the nature of the corridor is divided into two, the corridor is open and a closed corridor. Open corridor is located in the hallway outside the home, whereas a closed corridor is usually applied in the house. Meanwhile according to its kind corridor is divided into two, single-loaded corridor and double loaded corridor. Single loaded corridor is a corridor that serves toaccess one side of the room, while the double-loaded corridor is a corridor to access the two sides of the room. For example, there are two rooms that face each other and put the middle section of a corridor.

 A corridor in the house is quite important, especially for a large and spacious house. This element is useful to protect people in the house, meaning that the occupants to go to space one, need not interfere with other residents, because he could pass through the corridor. For example, one of the residents want to head into space to watch. But, must first pass through the living room. Well, here’s where the corridor functions work. In order not to disturb guests who sat in the living room, the occupants can get through the corridor without having to interfere.