Thursday, February 9, 2012

Boundless Space in a House by A1 Architects

A1 Architects have designed a gorgeous contemporary loft that will surprise you due to its “boundless” space. Located in Prague this house represented a new challenge for the architects because it concerned a larger place than the ones they were used to work on before.
The Rounded House was a project that required a lot of thought about the fluency of space. It is easy to be curious about the outside of this house, just because it’s not the kind of place you’d expect to find stucco or vinyl siding. In order to achieve their goal, the architects designed the common activities rooms connected with one fluent space, but, of course, the bedrooms are separated.

Furthermore the staircase, with integrated fireplace and library, climbs up the rounded corner. Another important aspect was the materials which had to be natural. The furnishings throughout the entire house are modern, some are custom made and, as you can see, they used a lot of wood. Everything blends in so that “boundaries of walls somehow disappear”. The loft houses a living room, kitchen, dining area, an elevated gallery, a study, library and three bedrooms.
This amazing house is a sleek, hip place and a warm and welcoming place to land. It has the perfect balance and is a chic urban loft.