Saturday, February 4, 2012

All about Sweden

When it comes to Scandinavian apartments, the living room always draws attention due to spectacular details. For today we decided to prove that Northern cribs have a lot more to offer than amazing socializing areas. This is why we gathered 30 incredible looking bedroomsthat are welcoming and not to mention inspiring. Even though they are all unique, we noticed some similar elements that are worth bringing up. First off, all the bedrooms in the photos below feature large windows that are usually covered by stylish window blinds or subtle curtains.
On each side of the king-size bed there are traditional night tables, original shelving units or chairs. The walls are painted mostly in white, but here and there you will notice an interesting color disruption: some of the bedrooms have fresh wallpapers that liven up the room. The lighting details are particularly interesting to observe. We invite you to have a look at this beautiful bedroom gallery and let us know what details you find interesting.